5. First few days – Part I

50Roads were scattered with tourists, who roamed aimlessly liked those few patches of clouds in sky that evening.  

Our taxi cut its way through narrow lanes of Mcleodganj, honking at people, who did move aside but didn’t turn their heads to look who we were, nor did we turn our heads to take a notice of them; those faces who were about to become our friends in the coming days.  

However, it was all an everyday affair when we reached Mcleodganj; we arrived in the simplest of the manners, on our most special of the journeys and landed straight in a small room, which barely fit us three.  


The plan was to find a place as soon as possible, for a long term stay and that room we stayed during our first three days, provided enough motivation to us, to move out and roam on streets for most of the time. It took a bit of exploration, until we found a room in Dharamkot area that suited our plans.  

Standing in my new room’s balcony, I used to look at the expanse of forest with mountains providing the backdrop, and somewhere I knew that we’d be inspired enough to work upon our project, even though we still had to sit down and work out on our strategy. Which we did in the coming days, sometimes sitting in the balcony, or while roaming in that expanse of forest, sometimes we got distracted by a man playing flute somewhere far away, while sometimes by these two gentlemen practicing tai chi.  


Those Tai-chi practitioners, every time they moved with grace, it made us forget about our purpose, as we searched for a purpose in their eyes, and felt ashamed, as those eyes had more to say than we had about our plans in Mcleodganj. Then there were those days, when we lied down in grass, lost in our thoughts, only to be brought back to reality by Jay’s fingers strumming the guitar, and we tried writing new songs, only to end up playing random tunes that never reached their completion.  

I guess it was us, we left things in between, hoping that we would return to pick them up, thinking that we’d remember where we left them, as we ran far in search of things that shone brightly in front of us. Things, and ideas that weren’t ours, but bright enough to blind us towards what we tried to create, and left behind.  

It was also the time when Chavvi came back to Mcleodganj. However, it wasn’t the Chavvi, me and Jay knew about. She wasn’t the one we met during our previous trip to Mcleodganj, and while on one hand, she cared for us, on the other hand she did end up infuriating us all, especially Nikhil.  

Chavvi stayed in the same guest house as us, and cooked breakfast for us every morning, only in lieu of hanging out with us all the time. It did hamper our progress, as most times we were moving in the directions she chose for us.  


However, those first few days weren’t only about struggles with our idea, or duality in Chavvi’s behaviour. It was the time when we were about to meet some of our new friends, a time when we were busy searching for an identity…